Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Apex Fly Company Now Open For Business!
Apex Fly Company was an idea I came up with this year simply for the reason the that I have a deep passion for taking big predatory fish with the musky being at the top of that list on a fly, and that the flies available commercially are pathetic at best. At the end of our 2009 season my patience was growing thin being stuck with these weak, undersized, sorry excuses that the commercial tying industry were calling musky flies. Its just common sense that an elusive, bad ass, unforgiving fish like the musky needs more than a 6 inch rabbit strip to be coaxed into eating. While taking about it with fellow angler and commercial tyer, Mike Schmidt, I found he held many of the same views and also felt there was a niche to be filled. After a few evenings of flies going back and forth with ideas buzzing about, Apex Fly Co was born. Our goal with Apex Fly Co is to offer a wide range of patterns that will help anyone who chases predatory fish with a fly whether it's browns, musky, pike, peacocks, cobia, shark, or whatever your preferred predator may be by offering a selection of flies that not only look great but are tied with the best hooks and materials available. It is our belief that the best flies are engineered based on function first and looks second. All of the patterns offered from Apex have spent time in the water in pursuit of predator fish prior to being offered to ensure they perform as expected and most importantly...catch fish! The pictures below are just a sample of the pike/musky flies offered by Apex Fly Co. Every day we are creating and innovating new patterns for the apex predator of your choice. I am currently working on putting a website together until then if you are interested in purchasing any of the patterns you see here on the blog you can contact me via email at

Pat Kelly
Apex Fly Company